(within a month)

Connectors Updates

The ability to add multiple connectors of the same type. Such as different AWS accounts for develpoment environments, QA, Sandboxes or multiple Azure subscriptions.

Remove/Delete Connector

The ability for users to remove a connection from the platform


(2 - 4 months)

Google Cloud Platform Connector

The addition of a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) connector.


A more consolidated dashboard showing a range of metrics important for your Security Program!

Additional Opportunities for Sweeper

The addition of more security opportunities for the Sweeper app. To include but not limited to Certificate expiry, and security header checks.


(4+ Months)

Endpoint Healthcheck Agent

An agent that you can download onto your employees laptops or desktops that willl continuously monitor the security health of the device. This will report findings back to the platform daily, or, when the device is started up.

Security Policy Management Tool

A tool for generating written security policies, facilitating approvals, amendments, versioning and read/acknowledge from employees.

Compliance Standard Mappings

Mapping our opportunities to common compliance standards such as ISO27001, SOC2, NIST CSF and more.

Exception handling for Sweeper

Extending exception handling functionality for Sweeper Opportunities.

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