You need security to be quick and easy, so Bleach makes connecting your business tools with our platform simple and seamless. Start by connecting your existing tools, in a few simple clicks, to the Bleach platform. This crucial step allows us to conduct a thorough analysis of your Cyber Security Compliance.

Our advanced algorithms will identify any potential vulnerabilities in your systems, from obvious security gaps to subtle weaknesses. This process takes just a few minutes and results in a comprehensive, easy-to-understand dashboards.

The report outlines your security landscape, highlighting vulnerabilities and opportunities for improvement. This helps in strategic planning and resource allocation to build a secure infrastructure. Our goal is to transform your system’s weaknesses into strengths, enhancing your security in the fast-changing digital world.


You want to know, what to fix, fast so our platform uses advanced algorithms and analytical tools to accurately analyze your Email, Cloud and Web environments in minutes.

We focus on identifying potential vulnerabilities that could risk your organization’s cybersecurity. It takes just a few minutes for the Bleach platform to start presenting you with opportunities to improve your security posture. Bleach automatically prioritizes your opportunities, just like you have your very own security consultant!

Bleach’s continuous scanning, means the platform never clocks off keeps you ahead in the evolving cybersecurity landscape, allowing you to focus on your business while we handle your security.



The Bleach Platform provides clear, easy-to-follow recommendations for security issues that can’t be fixed immediately. Each recommendation comes with links to relevant documentation, giving you a step-by-step guide to resolving each problem.

The platform also supports team collaboration. You can assign security tasks to team members and track their progress from your dashboard, ensuring tasks are completed efficiently and everyone is involved in improving your organization’s security.

Enhancing your cyber defenses has never been easier. Start using our recommendations now, and remember, every vulnerability you fix makes your security stronger. With The Bleach Platform, strengthening your digital security is simple.



Having implemented the necessary fixes to enhance your security posture, you’ll want assurance that these changes are functioning as intended. That’s where The Bleach Platform steps in again. After you’ve addressed identified security opportunities, we continue to monitor the controls you’ve put in place, validating their effectiveness continuously.

The Bleach Platform ensures that your defenses are operating as expected, giving you peace of mind. This vigilant, real-time monitoring acts as a safety net, catching any unforeseen vulnerabilities that may arise post-implementation.

Additionally, our platform serves as an auditing tool. The reports we generate and the constant validation we provide can be shared directly with your auditors. These comprehensive insights offer robust evidence for compliance checks and insurance purposes, demonstrating tangible proof of your efforts to maintain a secure posture.

The Bleach Platform helps improve your security infrastructure and makes it verifiable and transparent for all stakeholders.



Bleach Cyber offers a robust platform that fundamentally transforms how businesses approach cyber security compliance. It begins with an in-depth analysis of the client’s security infrastructure, utilizing advanced algorithms to identify potential vulnerabilities.

Once weaknesses are identified, the platform allows users to fix many problems directly. It also offers detailed suggestions for more complicated vulnerabilities. The platform doesn’t stop at remediation, it ensures that implemented controls are functioning correctly through ongoing monitoring.

Furthermore, Bleach Cyber generates comprehensive reports that can be used as evidence of compliance with various cybersecurity standards. This end-to-end service makes Bleach Cyber a reliable partner for achieving and maintaining cyber security compliance.