Knowledge base

Click one of the items below to get a step by step guide on platform functionality:

        • Change your company name
        • Using our filtering functionality
        • Using the referral widget
        • Adding a user
        • Removing a user
        • Blocking a user
        • Sending an individual user a password reset
        • Resetting multiples users passwords
        • Editing a users profile information
        • Changing a users role
        • Updating your profile image
        • Unblock a user
        • Editing your own profile information
        • Create an entity
        • Edit an entity
        • Deleting an entity
        • Add Target
        • Deleting a target
        • Deleting a host
        • Disable scanning for a single host
        • Force a scan on one or multiple hosts

        • Other Information:
        • AWS Connector deployment

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