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Our Platform


Integrating your business tools with our platform couldn’t be more straightforward, designed to ensure a seamless experience for our clients, the process begins by you simply connecting your existing tech tools with the Bleach platform. 

Almost immediately you’ll start seeing opportunities to improve your security posture across Cloud, Email, SaaS and more. 

We’ll then make it super easy for you to fix these issues with magic, or guided, remediation. Making even the most non-technical of users, security superstars in non time! 

How Bleach Works?

You Integrate Your Existing Technology In A Few Clicks

We Deliver You Improvement ‘Opportunities’ Within Minutes

Guided Remediation Makes Improving Simple

Your Security Posture Gets ‘Cleaner’ Instantly


Bleach Sweeper

In the big digital world, where dangers are always present, Bleach Cyber introduces "Sweeper" - your strong protector for digital assets. Sweeper is like a shield that protects and watches over things. It looks for weaknesses, finds dangers, and controls content to stop security problems and keep data safe.

Asset Manager

Welcome to Bleach Asset Manager - the ultimate solution for streamlining the management of your digital assets! Our powerful platform has been designed to simplify the management of all of your organisation's assets, no matter where they are stored.

Cloud Security

In today's dynamic digital era, the emphasis on securing cloud environments and application infrastructures has reached unprecedented levels. As businesses migrate more of their operations and data to the cloud,

Email Security

In our modern digital era, email stands as a primary mode of communication for businesses everywhere. Yet, its ubiquity brings along a host of security concerns. From deceptive phishing schemes to malicious attachments, email-related threats are varied and always changing.

the PartnerS

Made for those who need it the most

Typical cybersecurity tools are built for technical people by technical people, leaving everyone else out. We’ve simplified the process so everyday operators and experts alike can get secure.

Small Businesses

SMB operators getting basic security measures in place

Service Providers

MSPs offering more security tools to their customers


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