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The fastest, simplest and most cost-effective way for any startup or small business to get secure & compliant.

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What does Bleach Cyber do?


Cyber Security is
important to you.

In a digital world, cybersecurity is crucial for your business to run smoothly and maintain its integrity. It's your shield against a variety of cyber threats, from malicious software to devastating ransomware attacks. Strong cybersecurity protects assets, builds trust, and speeds up sales by enhancing reputation and client trust. However, navigating this complex field can be daunting.

This is where Bleach Cyber comes in. We simplify your journey to security and compliance. Our innovative platform continuously scans your systems, identifying potential security loopholes, and autonomously implements fixes. You won't need to invest in a plethora of additional security tools.

Crucially, we offer managed cloud security as part of our suite of services. As businesses shift more operations to the cloud, ensuring its security is a challenging but necessary endeavor.

We ensure the safety of your cloud systems by continuously monitoring and adjusting defenses. This is done to protect your data from evolving threats in the cloud. With Bleach Cyber, cybersecurity isn't just accessible—it's straightforward and robust.

Complete, Security

Bleach presents a comprehensive, holistic approach to security that seamlessly integrates with your existing technology tools. Our easy setup process quickly strengthens your systems, making it easy for you to transition to better security. We streamline the typically complex task of securing your systems, offering one-click fixes and instantaneous results. You might even start questioning why security ever seemed intimidating.

Our platform does more than just secure your systems—it makes them 'shine'. It ensures strong security and saves time by managing your defenses effectively. This additional time can be directed towards your business growth and customer service.

As part of our services, we offer managed cloud security, a critical aspect of contemporary cybersecurity. As the usage of cloud-based services escalates, so does the importance of safeguarding them. We watch and manage your cloud tools to keep your data and your customers' data safe.

With our proactive defenses, we keep your sensitive information safe in the ever-changing world of cyber threats. With Bleach, securing your digital environment has never been so simple and efficient.

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We made it easy.

If you're regularly fielding complex security questionnaires from customers, or being queried by board members and investors about your cybersecurity protocols, it's time to reevaluate your security measures. Conventional solutions can often be intricate and exorbitantly priced, providing no guarantee of comprehensive protection. Traditional security products like anti-virus software are important but may not cover all cybersecurity worries.

Bleach offers an all-encompassing, cost-effective solution that cuts through the noise. Instead of investing in expensive consultants and navigating the labyrinth of security products, Bleach provides a one-stop, streamlined solution. We offer continuous monitoring and proactive fixes, making it easy for you to maintain robust security.

Importantly, our service includes managed cloud security, a vital component in this era of increasing reliance on cloud-based infrastructure. We offer round-the-clock monitoring and management of your cloud-based tools, defending against a myriad of evolving threats. We make sure your cloud assets and digital environment are always secure by working well with your current tools.

Bleach helps you confidently answer security questions with a strong, flexible, and easy-to-understand cybersecurity plan, instead of vague strategies. Security doesn't have to be complicated or expensive—it can be as simple as 'Bleaching' it.

"We believe that the security you
need, is already in your hands. We
help you realize it"


In the contemporary business landscape, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are increasingly shifting their operations to cloud-based platforms. Digital migration has advantages like scalability and cost savings, but it also brings the challenge of strong cybersecurity. Bleach Cyber helps small businesses with an affordable and user-friendly solution for managing cloud security.

Bleach Cyber understands that small businesses may not have enough resources or IT staff to deal with cybersecurity. Therefore, the Bleach platform has been designed with simplicity and ease-of-use at its core.

Small businesses can handle their cloud security easily. They can do this by clicking a few times. This is instead of dealing with complex security protocols and systems. By integrating seamlessly with existing technology tools, Bleach enables companies to strengthen their cybersecurity without any disruptive overhauls.

One of the key features of Bleach Cyber is its proactive approach to managed cloud security. The platform continuously scans the cloud environment for potential vulnerabilities, taking prompt action to address them. SMEs can concentrate on their main tasks knowing their cloud infrastructure is always watched and protected. Bleach gives SMEs alerts and reports to quickly see their security status and make informed decisions.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, Bleach Cyber stands out. Traditional cybersecurity measures can be expensive, often requiring the purchase of multiple software and hiring specialized consultants. On the other hand, Bleach offers a comprehensive solution that encompasses all critical aspects of cybersecurity. By centralizing security management, it saves SMEs money by eliminating the need to invest in multiple security products and services.

Another crucial feature is Bleach Cyber's robust managed cloud security service. Cyber threats are increasing in frequency and sophistication, particularly targeting cloud systems. Therefore, it is crucial to possess a robust and flexible cloud security solution.

Bleach's cloud security service monitors and protects your cloud systems 24/7. It adjusts defenses to changing threats, keeping your sensitive data safe.

With Bleach Cyber, SMEs have a partner who understands their unique challenges and needs. The platform makes managing cloud security easier, freeing up resources for SMEs to focus on growth. The software is affordable and helps small businesses have strong cybersecurity, giving them a fair chance against bigger companies. In this way, Bleach Cyber helps SMEs turn the challenge of cloud security into an opportunity for growth and resilience.

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